Useful Style Hair Stations Barbershop Furniture for Sale


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Useful Style Hair Stations Barbershop Furniture for Sale

hair salon station

Barbershop furniture is useful to start a business. Because it’s where people change hair styling. A nice hairstyling station plays a big role in the hair station shop. Here is a nice hair station with you. It’s good to use in the beauty salon shop, shopping mall, and even events.

Introduction of barbershop station

This hairstyling station size is 800mm wide and 80mm deep. The height is 1800mm. The mirror is very important for hair salon shops, which is convenient for both clients and stylists. Because clients can see stylist work directly, while the barber station can customize hairstyling for the clients. The main color of the hair station is black.

Mirror details

This hair station has a double-sided mirror so that people can sit down in front of it. Each mirror surrounds by LED lights. Lighting is in white color, you can also use adjustable lights.

hair kiosk

barber mirror stationStorage cabinets

The storage cabinets are under the barber station desk. We can set drawers here to place storage items, hair tools, and combs. Under the table, we can also add storage cabinets to increase more storage.


Both sides of the hair station have sockets and rings for hair dryers. While the base is the support frame.

Color reference

There are many colors to choose from. No matter what color fit your barbershop decoration. The colors of the hair stations as below fit you well.

mirror station barbershop station styling station

Materials show

Main material: MDF

Surface material: Baking paint

Other materials: Mirror, lighting, etc.


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