Barber Station Hair Shop Furniture with Sink in Australia


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Barber Station Hair Shop Furniture with Sink in Australia

hair station

We recently made a lot of hair shop furniture, it is useful and looks attractive. The hair station can be customized according to your shop size and decoration. Here is a nice hair station sharing with you. You can see it in Australia. No matter which country you are from, we can customize a barber station for you.

Information of hair stations

This hair station is 4m long, 0.6m wide and 1m tall. It fit 3 water sink on the counter table so that clients can accept hair styling service here. The main color is plywood with a wood finishing. The countertop is white stone material, convenient to use, and looks very luxurious.

Hair station design

barber stand

shampoo wash stationDetails information

This hair salon station is set against the door, there is a mirror wall upon the hair station. It includes drawers, an open display shelf, sockets for hair tools.

The tile water wink with water tap near it, so that clients can wash hands and wash hair directly. Which is convenient to use and saves shop space.

It’s a customized barber shop furniture, we ship this barbershop station to Australia. We can change the cable and wires so that they can fit your business well.

Produce photos show

barber station water sink barber display

We can see the real effect from the production photos. The wood and stone material looks very elegant and high level your shop.

It’s very important to choose the correct material and color for your barbershop. So, making shop design is necessary. And you can view the whole store effect in advance. Besides, you can choose suitable hair salon stations. No matter what style of hair station you need, just order from Unique Furniture Ltd.


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