White Color Hair Station Barbershop Furniture


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White Color Hair Station Barbershop Furniture

barber stationA hairstyling station is very important in a barbershop. It can stand freely in the hair shop, beauty salon, barbershop, and even shopping mall. We can also customize the barbershop station. Here is a nice double-sided styling station with you.

Introduction of barber station

This barber station size is 800mm by 600mm by 1800mm, we can customize the barber station size as you need. The color is white, looks pure and luxurious. The barber station has LED mirrors, base, and drawers on both sides. Let’s view the details together.

barbershop drawersLed mirrors

There are LED mirrors on both sides. You can use an adjustable light lamp to surround it, you can change the light accordingly.

Bottom base

The bottom has a plate as a base. It can make the hair station more stable. Clients can also put their legs here and feel more comfortable.


There are many deep and small drawers on the side. That makes full use of space and convenient to use. We can see the top has a cabinet with a shelf. The middle area has small drawers, you can set hair tools like hair cuts, combs, hair clips, and other items. And they can be sorted and placed for easy use.

hair station

Under the small drawer is a deep drawer with a total of 5 metal holes. Hairdryers and curling iron can be set here. It can protect the drawers from high temperatures. You can also add sockets here for better usage. Each drawer and cabinet have a metal handle to pull it out easily.

Material introduction

Main material: MDF

Surface material: Backing paint with glossy finish

Other materials: Mirror, stainless steel, Light and sliding rails, etc.

We can also use other materials to build the barber station. If you have a favorite style, just contact us.

Barber station usage

hair station


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