Single Side Hair Station with LED Mirror with Logo

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Single Side Hair Station with LED Mirror with Business Name

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Are you looking for a single-side mirror wth hair styling stations? Hair stations with LED mirrors is very popular in recent years. Because it is good for stylists to work and clients can also view the whole process directly. Today, I want to share a nice mirror station sharing with you.

Description of hair station

Size: This hair station size is 3ft wide and 6ft high. We can customize the size according to your needs.

Color: The main color is black, you can also choose silver and golden colors to get a good effect.

Materials: Main material is plywood with 304# stainless steel. A mirror with LED light to increase brightness. There are business names attached on both sides to remind people.

mirror stationHow to install the mirror station?

It’s a wall-mounted hair station with a single side mirror. There is a base at the bottom to support the mirror. When it’s close to the wall, you can also fix it to the wall for better usage. It’s very easy.

For the wires, we reserve wires inside the hair stations. It has to connect to the main electronic box of the shop. At the bottom of the left side is a US standard socket, that is good to use hair stools.

You can also tell us which country you are from. We can make it fit your business and convenient to use in your country. It’s better to do an overall shop design, you can arrange all the furniture in a suitable area. Thank you


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