Nice Design Barber Shop Styling Station with Mirror

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Nice Design Barber Shop Styling Station with Mirror

hair shop The hairstyling station is very important in the barbershop. It’s a good place to do hair business. You can choose wall-mounted styling stations, doubled-sided mirror styling, and a single-side barbershop shelf. Today, I want to share a nice barbershop styling station with you.

Barbershop styling station design

As we can see in the design, this styling station has a workbench in the front, it mainly uses to place hair tools, and necessary items. There is a large mirror on the countertop, and there are many light bulbs around the mirror to increase brightness. It has a metal frame to support the mirror and highlight the barber shop decoration. Under the counter is an empty area for legs.

There are metal rings attach to both sides, hairdryers can place here to protect the stations from melt and also for good usage. Next to it is a higher display stand with storage plates and drawers. curling irons, essential oils, etc. can be placed here. It has wheels at the bottom so that you can easily move to different places.

hair stationIntroduction of hairstyling station

Color: The counter table is in wood color and the mirror is black color. While the small display cabinet is in black color, looks elegant and attractive.

Size: The size is 800mm wide*500mm long*1600mm tall.

Material show: Plywood is the main material to build the mirror station body. And the surface material is wood laminate. We can also use solid wood to do the surface finishing to get a different effect. Other materials include light bulbs, wires, etc.

Details photos show

You can also attach sockets on the counter table or wall for hair tools usage. Besides, you can turn on and turn off the lights whenever you want. And can even add changeable light to get different effects.

barber shop with mirror


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