Wood Surface Wall Mounted Hair Styling Station to the USA

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Wood Surface Wall Mounted Hair Styling Station to the USA

Hair station

Barbershop furniture is very important for hair salon shops. It’s not only for stylists to provide hair beauty service, but also a part of your barbershop decoration. Today, I want to share a nice wall-mounted hair styling station with you. Its uses in a barbershop in Salt Lake City, USA.

Introduction of hairstyling station

This hair station includes two parts. One with a mirror to attach to the wall for hairstyling, another part is a storage cabinet for storage and sort out hair tools. The size, color, and style can be customized according to your needs.

styling stationThe 3D design drawings show

According to the design, we can see there is a plate in front of the working station. Items can place there for easy to reach. Upon the plate is a squared mirror with LED light surrounding it. While the bottom area is a base with two “V” decorations.

Next to it is a small display cabinet with two drawers in total. The side has two hollow-out rings for the hair tools, which protect the cabinets well from hot temperatures.

mirror stationMaterial introduction

Main material: Plywood

Surface material: Wood laminate and cement board laminate

Other materials: Stainless steel, iron, mirror, LED light, etc.

Before making the styling station, we will first send materials and colors for confirmation. When the owner thinks it’s correct, then we will arrange to produce. In this case, people can receive the correct hair station they want.

Produce photos show

Small cabinet with sliding drawers

All the drawers have locks, it can protect the items well and clients won’t pick up goods without permission.

hair counter hair display shop

Hairstyling station with LED mirror

We can see the final looks with the light turned on or off directly.

barber shop furniture hair display stand

Package details

We use a sponge and foam to protect the mirror station, so it won’t move or damage by accident.

hair display styling station

If you need further information, please contact us.


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