Pink Oval Double Sided Styling Station in Hair Cutting Shop

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Pink Oval Double Sided Styling Station in Hair Cutting Shop

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Every hair styling store has a unique decoration theme. An attractive store attracts clients and leaves a deep impression. Hairstyling station with mirror is part of hair salon store design. Today, I want to share a lovely oval styling station with you.

Advantages of styling station

A styling station is a workplace for stylish, it has to contain all the hair tools and products to serve people. Besides, it should also make the consumer feels comfortable. Sometimes a hairstyle takes one to two hours, and a comfortable styling station can make guests feel relaxed and keep a happy mood. This can also increase the reputation of your shop


hair stationIntroduction of styling station

As we can see in the design, the styling station is in an oval shape with a large mirror on the top. It has a glass plate in front, mainly use to place necessary items. Under the display shelf has sockets, stylist can use a hairdryer and other hair tools better. While the bottom has a metal base, clients can put legs here. Golden color support stands on the flooring so that the mirror stand won’t fall down.

It’s a double-sided hair station with a mirror so that both sides have the same item. And there are metal coil-shaped containers at both ends, which is conducive to the heat dissipation of the hairdryer and damages the mirror station.

styling display shelfDetails show

This mirror station has a metal frame at the top to support it. A golden metal frame also surrounds the mirror, looks elegant and attractive. The glass plate also has a stainless steel edge for protection. And it has a rounded corner to avoid accidental injury. There is a flower shape on the top of the modeling table. It can be customized according to your ideas

Color show:

The main color is a pink and golden color with black decoration. You can also use a color that matches your shop theme.


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