Wood Double Sided Hair Salon Shop Station with mirror

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Wood Double Sided Hair Salon Shop Station with mirror

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Hair salon shop plays a big role in our daily life. Men go to the barbershop to cut their hair once a month to maintain their hairstyle. They can also change their hairstyles to be refreshed. Women often go to the hair salon to try different hairstyles to express their moods and trends. Hairstyling stations are necessary before opening a hair salon store. Today, I want to share a nice barber stand with you.

Wood hair salon shop station

This hair station is mainly installed in the center area because it has a work area with mirrors on both sides. It is a large display table to place necessary items, such as baking ointment, comb, curling iron, etc. On both ends of the table has a drawer, we can put some items here for easy reach. That can help improve service efficiency. Near the drawer is a socket for connecting hair tools.

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In the center is a high mirror with LED light in the edges to increase brightness. There are two hangers on the side, which is good to place hair dryers. The center mirror fixes on the table and reaches the bottom so that it won’t fall. Wood frame support increases make the barber station looks better.

Material show

The main material is Plywood with a solid wood finish. If you want a high-end and luxury effect, we use wood material to make the body of the hair station. Other materials include mirrors, light lamps, sliding rails, and metal table legs base.

Sizes show

This hair table size is 100cm long, 60cm wide, and 168cm tall. You can see size details below. If you find other sizes that fit your shop, we can also use the same size you need.

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