Useful hotel reception counter wooden front desk factory price


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Useful hotel reception counter wooden front desk factory price

The reception desk is the first impression of the guests when they enter the hotel. And the window of communication between the hotel and the guests. The hotel front desk is related to the design of the whole space, has become the most important part of the hotel lobby design. 

A creative reception counter design is bound to leave a deep impression on guests! Today, let us share with you about the hotel reception desk design skills. Please follow with me for a useful hotel reception desk design first.



This hotel reception counter design looks really high-end. But this hotel front desk is not only a beautiful design but also a useful design. A half part is the computer working area, it can put two computers to work here. And another half part for storage and receiving customers.

With a big size and a capacity to seat two people, it is a perfect choice for large lobbies and reception areas. A large and elegant reception desk uses natural wood veneer and composite marble material.

With a capacity to seat two people it is installed with state of an art UL wire standard with two USB ports for a clutter free work area. Built with top-grade MDF wood and natural wood veneer for lasting durability, natural feel and luxurious looks.



The size of this high-end hotel reception counter is 3780mm Width x 950mm Depth x 1110 mm Height.

This is a size for your reference. If this size can suitable for your place, you can make the same like it.

But if your place is smaller or bigger, we can customize it with the size you want.




Our company provides the customized design service and we produce it in our own factory. If you want to make a unique reception counter for your hotel, please feel free to contact us to make a new one!




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