Modern style office work counter marble color front desk


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Modern style office work counter marble color front desk

An office desk is a piece of equipment that must use in an office. Almost all offices have them. Without the office desks, employees will struggle to get their work done. The office table although not need a big size but also have many styles can choose from.

You can choose from our existing designs or we customize a new one for you. Usually, the front side needs a beautiful design and lights. The inside usually has drawers and cabinets for storage. Employees need comfortable desks to get their work done so they can be more flexible at work. 



The size of this modern style office counter is about 2400 x 650 x 1050 mm. You can measure your location size to see if this size can fit you or not.

If this size can fit in your office, you can make it the same size as this design. If your office needs a smaller size or a bigger size, we can also customize a new one for you.

A long size office counter we may have to divide into two or three parts. It decides in accordance with the actual condition.



About how to choose a good design of the office counter, the answer to this question is not unqualified. Because the design of the office desk has so many to choose from. Not everyone’s tastes are the same. You can according to your office interior decoration or your favorite style to make a choice.

Our design offers a professional customize design service. You can get a perfect office counter design from our company and exactly fit what you want. Meanwhile, we have our own factory so we can control the quality and delivery time.


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