Orange Finish U Shape Office Desk Front Table for Sale


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Orange Finish U Shape Office Desk Front Table for Sale

office tableAre you looking for a nice office desk for your business? Every shop has a unique reception counter, it shows your brand theme, store decoration. Clients can also know your business well. The office desk can also leave a good first impression on visitors. Today, I want to share a nice office desk with you.

Introduction of the office counter table

This reception desk size is 4m by 2m. U shape reception counter is good to place in the lobby, shopping center, and after-sale department. It can highly match the environment and can also show your business.

Front view

We can see the front side, it has an open range body with bottom white color. It has a double display counter, the top counter for clients to fill out papers The clients can also consultant here without affecting normal work. the lower counter table is wider than ta op counter, they are connected with a metal frame and acrylic panel. Looks nice and can protect items from Fallon.

welcome counterBack view

Behind the counter are open display shelves, people can easily get access to the items. You can also restore documents freely. Printers and POS systems can be set here for usage. We can also add drawers and cabinets here to increase the storage area.

Two sides

The two returns can also use as a workstation, it can total allow 3 people to work and increase work efficiency. Do you notice the curved corner? It makes the reception desk looks modern and aavoidssharp angles.


Main material: MDF

Surface material: Baking paint

Other materials: Stainless steel, glass, etc.

If you have new ideas for your reception desk, just let me know. We can customize it.


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