Blue Color Reception Desk S Shape Office Table for Sale

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Blue Color Reception Desk S Shape Office Table for Sale

reception counter

The front service desk is good to use in the office building, shop front, and company reception area. You can use it as a welcome table, consultant desk, and even front desk. Here is a nice S shape reception counter sharing with you.

Introduction of office table

This reception counter needs an area of 4m by 2m area. Because of its unique S shape, you can gain more space for work. 2-4 poeple allow working together. The main color is a blue body with a wood counter table. The middle body has two metal line decorations, looks very luxurious and elegant. The counter table has a new No matter what size and style you want, we can customize it for you.

Front view

Front the design drawing, we can see the reception counter is in curved style. For better delivery, it has to divide into several parts when production. So, each counter has unique angles. You can easily change the shape by changing the order of the counter. Just put each part together and you can use it.

office deskBehind view

Behind the counter is an open shelf in the middle. People can place items and documents here. We can also add drawers and cabinets here for storage. A keyboard plate can also add here for better usage.

Material details

Main material: Plywood

Surface material: Blue laminate, wood veneer

Kicking: Stainless steel, etc.

We can also change the material to MDF with baking paint. To highlight the office decoration, using stone on the countertop is a good choice. If you have any new ideas, please contact us. We will customize the reception desk for you.


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