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The reception desk ( front desk ) is an indispensable part of office furniture. Its main function is to receive foreign customers. The appearance is very beautiful. It is generally combined with the company’s LOGO wall to impress the guests.

The materials of the reception desk:

At present, the material of the reception desk is from marble to front, marble front desk, solid wood front desk, and panel front desk. Most of the marble front desks arranging in the wide 1 story office lobby. The marble front desk is the most high-grade of its kind. Because of the high price, it is expensive. The second place is the paint reception desk. The base material of the paint front is sprayed with environmentally-friendly green paint on the surface of the MDF. It is repeatedly baked in the paint room. The reception desk is bright and smooth after painting. It is very beautiful.

white stone office reception desk

Size: customize for you.

Color: white, black or any color as you like.

Material: MDF with baking paint.

Countertop: man-made stone ( corian ).

Others: LED strip light.


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Weight100 kg
Dimensions2000 × 500 × 800 mm

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  1. uniquekiosk

    Very good design! I love it so much.

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