Modern Office reception counter custom marble front desk for sale


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Marble reception desk, dark and light color board collided with imitation marble board, rich in layers of geometric lines, combined with a variety of material collocation, to meet the guests in a beautiful image.

Marble reception desk, facade, space. The appearance alone is different and calm. Independent original design, wood and stone soul ensemble plus irregular geometric aesthetics, more harmonious and elegant, gentle and simple.

Marble reception desk, the ultimate application of minimalist pragmatism, gave birth to this product. E1 grade environmental protection melamine panel, high strength, wear resistance, durable. Wood is strong, can withstand the test of meticulous carving, made furniture long service life.

Color and Material

  • colour: White, oak, teak, etc.
  • The texture of material: Marble, melamine board
  • Scope of application: Front desk, physical stores, etc.
  • Available size: 2000mm*600mm*1100mm  2400mm*600mm*1100mm  2800mm*600mm*1100mm  3000mm*600mm*1100

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