Dark Brown Reception Counter Service Desk for Sale


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Dark Brown Reception Counter Service Desk for Sale

reception counter

The reception area is a brand image to show the visitors. Usually, the service counter works together with the back wall brand sign. It’s a good place to give people a good first impression. No matter how unique and modern the reception desk you require, we can customize it for you. Today, I want to share a nice reception counter sharing with you.

Place of the reception counter

This reception counter is good to set in the front counter of the company. We can also use it in the street shop, service center, shopping mall, and even office building. It can also use in the beauty salon shop to highlight your shop and business.

office deskIntroduction of the reception counter


The main color of the reception desk is brown color, looks elegant and attractive. Dark color always increases a high-end and mysterious feeling. It can also high-level your products and services. It can also be customized based on special requirements.


The main size is 3m by 2m areas with a return. Whatever you need the size is, we can custom make it.


The main material is Plywood with a wood finish. Other materials include stainless steel, warm yellow lights, tile and brand sign, etc.

reception deskDetails informaiton

Front view

We can see the front counter has a brand sign in the middle. The top has lights to brighten it. The top has a brand logo hanging here with ceiling lighting.

Back view

The back wall has lightbox posters for advertising. We can also attach a TV player here to introduce the company and products to everyone. The bottom area has open wall cabinets, documents, files, and other items that can place here for easy reach.


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