Birch Reception Counter & Wood Office Table for Sale


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Birch Reception Counter & Wood Office Table for Sale

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A unique reception counter can express company image to the visitors. It can also use as an office desk or place after-sale center. People use it to deal with work, answer clients’ questions, and even check bills. You can also customize the wood office table as you need.

Introduction of office table

As we can see in the drawing, this reception desk is made up of many wooden boards. It looks very unique and high-end, suitable for use in technology industry offices, exhibition hall receptions, retro salon shops, hotel receptions, etc. We can also customize it to make it in curved lines, special shapes, and sizes. A brand logo can also be attached in a suitable area.

reception counterFront view of office desk

From the front, the counter has protruding and recessed shapes. They are used together in a streamlined fashion, giving people a sense of design and three-dimensionality, and improving the quality of the reception desk. There is a wide counter tabletop at the top so that clients can fill out documents here.

Back view of the office desk

The back of the office desk has a work table. It is mainly for work and can 2 people can work together here. Under the desk counter, we can place items here for easy use. Besides, you can also add individual display counters here. In this case, you will have more space to store files and goods.

welcome table If you have new ideas about the reception counter, we can also help you customize it.


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