White & round style reception desk for salon office or bank


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This is a very nice reception desk for one staff. With a cute small size, the receptionist can easily work inside with functional storage cabinets & useful workbench.

Featured outside design gives a high source on the first impression. When visitor come from all side can easily access the reception desk and ask what they need. The round design combines with white color also carry out an elegant and professional feel. So, this reception counter can be used in a salon, office, bank or even clinic.

white& round reception desk

Additional information

Weight130 kg
Dimensions1600 × 1600 × 1200 mm

This is a diameter at 1600mm round desk. Size can be customized into whatever you need

Body Material

Plywood with MDF in baking painting finish

Base Material

Fire-resistant plywood with brushed stainless steel

Top Material

White Man-made stone countertop

2 reviews for White & round style reception desk for salon office or bank

  1. uniquekiosk

    this is a very attractive restaurant bar counter design!

  2. uniquekiosk

    I like round style very much

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