Plywood with laminate reception counter customize factory


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Plywood with laminate reception counter customize factory

Offices, companies such public places are indispensable for reception desk design. The reception desk is the second facade of public places, after all, this is the place where we receive the guests. So we must need to pay attention to the design of the reception counter. So usually what the size of the reception desk is more appropriate, how to make the reception desk design?



First, how to decide the size of the reception counter?

1. Depending on the size  

About the office reception desk design size, generally speaking, it is based on the size of the overall space of the company to decide.  

2. Basic size   

The size of the reception desk in the general office is basically like this: the length is about 1200 to 4000 mm, and the depth of two people is about 600 to 900 cm. The height usually needs 900-1100mm. 

3. According to demand  

But the specific size of the reception desk or according to the specific situation.  For example, if the office reception desk staff only one or two people, then the size can be smaller. The size can make 1000-1500mm length is enough for one or two people. If more staff, then the size can be appropriately increased.  



Second, how to choose the material for a reception desk?

1. MDF with baking paint

This is a common material we use for the reception desk. And the price is also the most affordable.

2. Plywood with laminate

Plywood is a strong basic material and laminate is a fireproof material. So if you want a strong material this material is a good choice.

3. Veneer with varnish

If use veneer material, the basic material can use MDF or plywood. This finish is mainly for the wooden color. The difference between veneer and laminate is veneer finish doesn’t have any gaps between the two boards.


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