Modern style office front counter company reception desk


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Modern style office front counter company reception desk

A company of enterprise culture embodies in the front desk. The front desk is a company’s appearance symbol, the front office decoration design is also very important to decorate area.

And different corporate cultures and decorating a style is also directly affect the front office decoration design style. An excellent foreground design, not only gives a person a deeper impression but also can improve more on the identity of the enterprise.



The design style of the front desk also has many kinds. Mainly according to the overall decoration style and industry to choose, in style can be divided into:  

1. Simple style  

The contracted design style is most the person is familiar with and common. It uses color onefold, undertakes decoration and adornment simply, emphasizes practical and contracted sex. This kind of style applies to small companies and offices commonly. 

2. Modern style  

Smooth modeling, a lot of use of lines, the use of light and shadow application effect in a small space to create changes. With light to highlight the company logo, durable and practical. Almost suitable for all types and styles of companies.  


For the material of the company front desk, we usually use MDF with baking paint. This is a normal material for interior furniture and good quality.

We can make it with the size and the design for you. A good office front desk design is good for the staff to work. Meanwhile, our designer will make the design to fit your office style.

If you are looking for a reception desk, we are the best choice for you. Please feel free to contact us to start a unique reception counter design for your office.


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