Attractive Round Shape Reception Counter Office Table


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Attractive Round Shape Reception Counter Office Table

reception counterThe reception counter uses everywhere, we can find it in the office building, supermarket and even shops. When use in a different place, the size, shape, and color can be different. Today, I want to share a modern reception counter with you.

Introduction of the reception counter

This reception counter looks like a large C style. Mainly used in the lobby, office building, shopping mall, and customer service center. This reception counter diameter is 300cm, and the counter table wide is 60cm and height is 120cm in total. We use the MDF, baking paint, and tempered glass to build the reception counter.

reception tableFront view

As we can see in the design, there are many white lines on the counter body. They have a specified gap with lighting. The light strip rises in a spiral shape around the reception desk for decoration, which looks attractive.  It can also create a modern and high-end feeling.

While the counter bottom has yellow lighting surrounding it. When turning on the lights, it’s very outstanding and vivid.

reception counterInside view

Inside the counter is a working table for employees. People can work here and provide consultant service for clients. That will make people feel welcomed and trust your company.

This reception counter has two layers of the counter, the top one is for passing items to the clients, while the lower counter is for work. Under the counter table, it has many cabinets and draws for storage.

No matter when and where you use the reception counter, you can find a good solution at the service counter. You can even send us the style you want, then we customize one for you.


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