Saudi Arabia Muslim style round hotel reception desk for sale



It is my first time to know the Muslim style reception desk. Certainly, we have done a variety of reception counters in the past time. Such as a reception desk in the company, restaurant, library etc.

Today, I would like to share this Muslim style front desk to you guys, which it will be used in Saudi Arabia in several months.

In order to match the color in the hotel, we designed the counter in brown. At the same time, it is used to provide the travel service, book hotel, hail a taxi, present gifts to customers and so on. So we add several display shelves with LED strips in it —front and back. All of them to display the gifts.

Besides, according to our customer’s requirement, we put the TV in the background wall to attract more people when they pass by it. It is a chain brand in Saudi Arabia, considering it, we put the customer’s company LOGO in front of the counter and background wall.

round hotel & salon reception desk

Some clients are curious about the images that they are on both sides of the LOGO. In the initial design, we did not put them on it. In order to match the Muslim style, I surfed the Internet to find some Muslim patterns for the customer to choose from. So it is meet the requirements of hotel & customer.

What’s more, our company can customize new furniture base on all of our customers’ requirements. Such as size, style, color etc.

If any demand, please feel free to contact us in any time.

Thank you

Additional information

Dimensions2200 × 1200 × 1200 mm

man-made stone concrete solid surface finish


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