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Design of Enterprise Reception Desk

The company’s service reception desk is bright and atmospheric. It maintains a simple modern style and has an easy-to-match appearance.  These Bright tones add a touch of brightness to the fashion office.

Characteristic of Service Reception Desk

The company service group, high-grade, shocking office concept, minimalist design, fashionable atmosphere, design solid life needs, so that every visitor feels comfortable.

Green environmental protection quality.

  • Raw material preparation inspection, machine processing quality inspection.
  • coating fabric inspection finished product pre-packaging quality inspection.
  • packaging out of warehouse quality inspection, 5-level overall quality control.
  • QC team pays attention to the whole process and has produced a quality inspection report.
  • After several national test results, the products are higher than the test standards.

  • Painting Technology of Service Reception Desk

Service reception desk, painting process, environmental bright paint “five bottom and three sides” exquisite technology, safe and environmental protection, beautiful and wear-resistant surface.

  • Design ideas of Reception Desk Double Drawer

Enterprise reception desk, Double Drawer design, anti-theft cabinet, simple to avoid the trouble of work and office, small design perfect reception selection of environmental protection bright paint, wear-resistant yellow, smooth surface like a mirror.

  • Design of piercing holes for the reception desk

Decoration company reception desk, piercing design, rigorous workmanship, exquisite design, beautiful wiring trough to make the office environment safer and more comfortable.

  • Reception Desk Wood Fiber Raw Materials

The reception desk is a kind of artificial board made of wood fiber, which is crushed, separated and dried, and constructed with resin or other environmentally friendly adhesives after hot pressing.

Order mode/ delivery time.

1. Staff chairs, net chairs, and other products, usually through online or telephone confirmation of furniture details, direct purchase; for small batch orders, customers can provide the overall size of the office by our designers to help you out of the CAD program for reference, after payment, we order production, if you need to measure on-site, please contact customer service arrangements engineers.

2. Customers who order in large quantities, we do free door-to-door surveys, CAD drawing, contract to pay 30% deposit for production and pay the full amount within one working day after installation and acceptance. We finished the customization within the appointed time.

3. Furniture is a large commodity with a small stock and needs to be customized. Generally, after payment, plate products will be shipped for 7 days. Paint and specially customized products will take 15 days. The specific time depends on the time agreed between engineers and you.

Additional information

Weight120 kg
Dimensions1800 × 650 × 1000 mm

MDF in baking painting finish


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