Luxury Design White Office Counter Service Desk


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Luxury Design White Office Counter Service Desk

reception desk

Today, I want to share a luxury office counter with you. The reception counter is very important for a company and shop. Because it’s a place that clients see you at first. A good first impression can win the trust of your partners and customers. People can also learn more about your company from here.

Nice white office desk design

This reception desk can use as a reception counter, office work table, and even check-out table. It has a unique shape layout, which increases the sense of science and technology of the reception counter.

service counterFront view

As we can see in the design, there is a slope from both sides to the middle, very special and high level of your store. There is white lighting decoration, which is very bright and attractive.

In the middle is a large screen, clients can help themselves directly. You can even share your screen on your computer, which is convenient for communication.

office deskBack view

The backside has a large empty area for legs and host. Next to it is a cabinet for printers here. You can also add drawers and cabinets here to increase the storage area.

On the countertop is a workbench, green plants can also be set here to get a good spirit. There is a plate higher than the counter, which prevents items from falling.


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