White Color Reception Counter Office Desk


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White Color Reception Counter Office Desk

reception counter

The reception counter can be seen in the office building, retail shop, and even the beauty salon store. The office desk has drawers, a workbench, and lighting decoration. We can also add a brand logo on the surface. Here is a nice reception counter sharing with you.

Introduction of the reception desk

The standard reception desk size is 2m by 0.6m, we can make it the same size as your reception area. White color is the main color with warm yellow light decoration. It has two different levels of the counter table, which is convenient for both employees and clients. Employees use the lower level of counters and clients fill out papers on the high-level countertop.

office desk

service deskDetails information

Front view

There are two line decorations on the countertop finishing, which makes your reception counter looks better. It can also high level your office decoration and express a welcome feeling to the visitors.

service counter

Back view

The backside has two drawers for storage. Under the drawers has space for more items you can also set computer host here. The workbench is can place documents and files. There is a side plate to support the counter. You can also store more items here for usage.


retail counterMaterial details

Main material: MDF

Surface material: Baking paint

Other materials: Glass countertop, stainless steel, light lamp, etc.

The glass countertop is very smooth and makes your reception area looks modern.


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