Nice Wood and Stone Reception Counter with Light


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Nice Wood and Stone Reception Counter with Light

reception counter

Wood and stone to decoration make the reception desk look better and more high-end. In recent years, people liked natural and environmentally friendly office desks. The reception desk is very good to show your brand image and can leave a deep impression on people. Workers can also have goodwill on you. Here is a nice reception counter with you.

Introduction of the reception desk

This reception desk size is 3m by 0.5m. It is good to use in the 5-star hotel as a welcome counter, clients can check in here and can also gain information. We can also use this reception counter in the office, clinic, and even office building. No matter where you use it, this reception counter can fit you well.

front deskFront side view

We can see from the front view, this reception counter is in wood color. And has a marble stone in the middle area. There is backlit light surrounding the edges. That looks very attractive and luxurious. We can see the stone is a triangular decoration. The countertop light also increases the brightness to attract attention and remind people to notice the gap.

welcome counterBackside view

Behind is a work table with two computers. A two-person workstation can improve work efficiency and can increase professionalism. Under the desk, the table can place whatever you need. If you need a storage area, can add individual cabinets with wheels here.


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