Attractive Wooden Reception Counter with Lighting


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Attractive Wooden Reception Counter with Lighting

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Dark color solid wood is very important to use to build the reception counter. Because it can high level the decoration and can also increase the peoples confident. You can also express company culture to every client. A good-looking reception counter is very important. As it is set in the entrance, people see the reception counter first, then learn your service and products.

Information about service desk

This reception counter size is 4m long, fit for the large reception area and conference hall. You can also use it as an after-sale service desk. People feel you are professional and feel relieved to do business with you. Its total has two different colors of wood, which matches well and can attract attention.

Details show

front table

Whether the reception desk works well, depends on the details. We use plywood as the basic material, so it has a strong structure and can use for a long time. The finish material is natural wood, which gives people a fresh feeling. It can also make your reception counter look good.

Brand logo

The brand logo is set right hand of the reception desk. The main color is white and the background is dark redwood. We can use 3D stainless steel logo to increase the metal fixtures.

reception counter


The lighting lamp is in the middle area, it has yellow glossy brilliance, making your reception desk grand, increasing the sense of luxury.


There are work tables and shelving behind. It has different colors of work table with smaller size, looks as if front area separate from behind, but it’s still as a whole. You can place items on the open shelving. We can also add draws to store things.


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