Small Reception Desk Transparent Stone Checkout Counter


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Small Reception Desk Creative Transparent Stone Checkout Counter

Almost every shop, company and hotel or the service place, which need the reception desk. A good desk is a face of a shop, it can affect the customers’ impressions on the shop. But the reception desk should match shop interior decoration factors.

Fashion reception desk

The reception stand is white and it is a common but beautiful color. If you have any requirement of the color, we can customize. The special feature of the reception counter is that has the transparent stone with irregular lines. Beside, the light is white, and it can be other colors too. reception desk p1What color light strip you like, the transparent stone will show the relevant color. In addition, the corner can show the logo sign sticker. The checkout counter has the drawers and cabinets. It is small but multi-functional. You can put the cashier or computer on the desk.


The reception desk size is 130*60*115cm. No matter what size you need, we can meet the size needs.


Basic material: MDF to make wooden body

Other material: Metal, stainless steel toe kicking, hardware locks with keys

reception desk p2

Production effect of reception desk

We produced the checkout counter in our factory. The workers make the wooden body first, then to make the polish. It is ready for making baking paint. The paint has 5 steps to make, and we ensure the high quality.

reception desk p3

Customer feedback

Our customer sent the checkout counter feedback picture to us. The counter is put on near the door and it is convenient to plug and make the transparent stone luminous.


We provide 3D design for you. No matter you have any ideas, we will make them on the 3D design to show you the effect with every sides. We can modify it when you offer some suggestions.




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