Wood Finish Reception Counter Hospital Service Table for Sale


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Wood Finish Reception Counter Hospital Service Table for Sale

welcome deskAre you looking for a hospital front counter? We are here to receive patients and guide treatment. It’s a good idea to customize a service desk in the hall. Which can highlight the clinic and can also leave a deep impression on people. Here is a nice reception counter sharing with you.

Information of reception counter

The reception counter also has a brand logo wall, it can express your brand image. We use plywood as the basic material and finish using the solid wood panel to build the kiosk. The surface has a metal frame to make the reception counter more attractive. Your brand logo, company profile can also show there.

front deskDetails information

Reception counter

The reception counter size is 3m long with a return at a size of 1.2m. It can increase the work area. This reception counter allows a person to work here. The main color is wood with black. We can also add draws, cabinets to place documents, we can also add open shelves here for necessary equipment.

welcome tableBrand imagine wall

The brand image wall can cover the return, so clients can not see you from the right hand, it is also used as a room divider. We set a large pharmacy sign with backlit on the wall, under it is a 3D acrylic brand name in black color. It highly matches the reception desk and makes people remember your shop well.

This brand image wall decoration material is a solid wood bar, which is very popular that many people like. Because it has a good feeling and view as an environmentally friendly material.


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