Front Desk of High-tech Reception Counter in Lobby


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Front Desk of High-tech Reception Counter in Lobby

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Do you want a nice and high-tech sense of reception counter to decorate the office and lobby? With the fast development of society, the high-tech reception counter can increase a high-end feeling and can also make your shop modern and unique. Here is a nice reception counter sharing with you.

Introduction of the reception counter

This reception counter size is 4m long and 0.5m wide, clients can consultant here. Employees can also deal with work here directly. We can use metal, stainless steel, mirror, glossy laminate to get the final effect. We can also use mirrors and tempered glass to create attractive elements.

welcome tableReception counter

The main color of the reception counter is a blue color with silver metal decoration. While two sides are in white color, and the countertop is a gray color. Behind the counter is storage cabinets and draws for storage. We can also leave space for legs. Brand logo attaches in the middle area. We can also add backlit to highlight the reception counter.

service tableBehind imagine wall

We can see there is a back wall that also has silver metal bars across the decorative image wall. The irregular pattern divided into many small pieces in the middle looks very spatially designed. Of course, the work privacy of employees should be protected, we can replace the matte finish to improve the grade.

You can also attach a brand sign on the right corner. If you are looking for a unique reception counter, just contact us and get it.


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