Modern beauty salon shop counter barber store reception desk


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Modern beauty salon shop counter barber store reception desk

Nowadays, people love beauty very much. Barbershops can be seen everywhere, but how can we attract more customers with so many barbershops? Apart from other reasons, the shop decoration is the most important reason. The design of a reception desk needs to combine with the whole barbershop design. If you are looking for a reception counter for your barbershop, we have some designs for your reference.




This is a reception counter for the barbershop. You can use it in a beauty salon shop, hotel, cosmetics store and so on. The material is MDF with baking paint, the stainless steel toe kick is gold color.


And the countertop we can use man-made stone but the price is different. You can choose the material according to your need. On the front of the reception desk, we can add the led strip light for you if you want.



Size: 2442 mm length x 1200 mm width x 1200 mm height.

We can see from this picture the size of this modern style barbershop reception counter. We can customize it with the size and the color you want. The inside view with the drawers and cabinets for storage. Please feel free to discuss with us your requirement about the barber store reception desk. The price is different with different sizes and materials.



Our design team will make a 3D design for you with the size and the color you want. We will send it to you when we finish the 3d design, and then the customer can check and get back to us if have any comments. For a customized 3D design of the beauty salon shop will charge a 300USD design deposit. The design deposit will deduct from the total cost when you order from us.

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Weight150 kg
Dimensions2442 × 1200 × 1200 mm


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