Unique reception counter desk design office front desk on sale


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Unique reception counter desk design office front desk on sale

The company reception desk represents the culture of an enterprise, its design needs to be appropriate with the overall style of the office. Then how should the size of the reception desk be determined? Many people think that the size is, of course, a little bigger to look forward to, and the height is to adapt to the needs of office sitting people.


In fact, the specific size of the design of the reception desk in the office still needs to be based on the actual size of the use of the site area and the Angle of placement.

Generally, the size of the front desk is set as follows:

① The length is 1200-1500mm, the depth is 560-900mm, and about 900-1150mm height is enough. This is the size of the reception desk for one person. It can be lengthened according to the situation.

If the hotel or the office is a standing-type service, the service desk is about 1.5 meters high. This can make the reception counter more convenient for guests to sign. If it is a sitting service, about 1 meter is OK.


Size: 2400 x 600 x 1100 mm or customize size.

Material: MDF with baking paint.

Lights: White color Led strip lights, stainless steel toe kick, plugs.



We can make a customize 3d reception desk design for you with the size and the color you want. Our design team can make a professional 3d design according to your need and make it exactly what you want. The customer can feel free to discuss your idea and we will try our best to meet your need.



Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd not only has a design team but also has our own factory. We make the wood body and paint job, assemble work in our factory. Our office is near the factory so we can send the production pictures to you at any time.


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