60″ Wide Aluminum Frame Wall Mount Display Case with Tempered Glass Panels


This 60″ wide aluminum frame wall mount display case features tempered glass panels, adjustable shelves, and a sturdy design. Perfect for showcasing prized possessions.


Showcase your prized possessions with this 60″ Wide Aluminum Frame Wall Mount Display Case. The sturdy aluminum frame and tempered glass panels provide a durable and secure display. The adjustable shelves allow for customizable display options. Perfect for museums, galleries, schools, or any space where you want to showcase your items in style.

Wall Mounted Display Case

1. Large size: With a width of 60 inches, this display case offers ample space to showcase a variety of items.

2. Aluminum frame: The frame of the display case is make of high-quality aluminum, which makes it sturdy and durable.

3. Tempered glass panels: The display case features tempered glass panels that are strong and shatter-resistant, protecting the items on display.

4. Wall mountable: The display case is design to be wall-mounted, saving floor space and making it easy to display items at eye level.

5. Lockable: The display case comes with a lockable door, providing added security for valuable or fragile items.

6. Adjustable shelves: The display case includes adjustable shelves, which can custome to accommodate items of different sizes and shapes.

7. LED lighting: The display case can be illuminated with LED lighting, enhancing the visual appeal of the items on display and drawing attention to them.

8. Easy to clean: The tempered glass panels and aluminum frame are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring the display case always looks its best.


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