Good quality company reception desk front counter for sale

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Good quality company reception desk front counter for sale

A company reception desk belongs to a kind of office furniture. The company’s reception desk in a certain sense represents a company image. The customers enter the company’s first impression is the reception desk. So a suitable for the company’s reception desk is very important. Let’s understand the relevant knowledge of the reception desk.



 The reception desk according to the different materials we can divide into two categories: paint and paint-free reception desk. 

Whether paint-free reception desk or paint reception desk can be used with other materials.

The common other surface materials are: glass, stone, aluminum plate, stainless steel.




Office front desk design, mainly color and modeling two aspects.

The specific choice of what color, according to the entire office decoration style, as well as the enterprise logo, the industry to decide. 

Modeling, also very important, but also needs to match the company’s industry, product type.




The front desk of the company is the first impression given by a company, which is equivalent to the face of the company.

So how to reflect the decoration design of the front desk is the key concern of every designer. 

For the design of the office front desk, it is important to reflect the company’s concept. Meanwhile, establish a corporate image.

So that people have a good impression of the company. Designers mainly reflect the image of a company from color rendering, corporate concept expression and light design. If you have any ideas about the reception counter design, please feel free to contact us. Our designer can make a new company reception counter design for you.


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