L shape office counter wood material front desk ship to USA

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L shape office counter wood material front desk ship to USA

The reception desk is the place where we receive our customers. The reception counter is one of the modern corporate positions. Usually responsible for customer visits and registration, telephone transfer and other affairs. Today we will introduce to you the reception desk design concept, reception desk layout design, reception desk production. Also reception desk size standard, reception desk material and other information.



The design of a reception desk needs to consider a lot of things. For example. the image of the company, the environment around the reception desk. Then, the height of the reception desk, size and so on.

The dimension of this reception counter is about 2.5 x 1.2 x 0.6 m. About the material of the reception desk, we usually use MDF with baking paint. The base material of the front desk of the paint is the environmental protection paint sprayed on the surface of the medium density board, which is repeatedly baked in the paint room. After forming, the front desk is bright in color, smooth and very beautiful.


Q1: Can you customize the size and color?

A1: Yes, of course, we can. We will customize a new reception desk with the size and color you want.

Q2: How to make a customized design?

A2: Our design team will make a customized design for you. For a customize 3d design charge a 300$ design deposit. And we will send it to you in 2-3 working days then you can review and feedback to us.

Q3: How can I pay you?

A3: We will send an invoice to you and our company account. You can pay by bank transfer, western union or Moneygram. We can accept USA, RMB, CAD, AUD or other currency.



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