Small size reception desk curve shape front counter design

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Small size reception desk curve shape front counter design

The reception desk is mainly used to receive visiting customers. So the reception desk is a company’s image. Meanwhile, the reception desk design must choose a high-end, atmospheric, beautiful style. And it is best to combine with the company’s logo. So as to give customers a more profound impression. 

The material of the reception desk should also we need to consider carefully. The grade of the reception desk is the marble reception desk, paint reception desk, solid wood reception desk and so on.  



Today we want to introduce a small size reception desk design to you. You can use this front counter in the company office, hotel, and so on. The size of this reception counter is about 800 x 600 x 1000 mm. It is suitable for a small company. We can make the size according to your need so any sizes all can make.



For the material of this small size reception desk, we can use MDF or plywood as basic material. And the surface finish can use marble color laminate. You can choose the material according to your budget. Different materials with different prices.



We will pack the reception desk foam inside and a wooden box outside. If the reception counter is a big size, we need to pack the whole set divided into a few parts. Our package is very safe to avoid damage during shipping.



We can ship the reception desk to you by sea. Usually, we ship to the port and then the customer picks it up at the port. Or we can also ship to your door to door address. Except for the shipping cost, the customer also needs to pay the import tax, the port charges handling charges and any other fees.


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