Wooden strip decoration company reception counter for sale

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Wooden strip decoration company reception counter for sale

The front desk of the company is one of the necessary office furniture for every enterprise. Every day, the company will have countless visitors and logistics personnel.

When entering the company, the first thing that catches your eye is the front desk of the administrative office. It represents the image and taste of a company in intangible, if the purchase is not appropriate, easy to damage the image of the company.  



For the detail of the size:

The reception desk can use for 1 person, 2 person or multiple people. Custom-made for the size of the grasp, the need to judge the company’s area in all directions and use.   


Under normal circumstances, the size of the single desk and the size of the reception desk are generally in the range of 1200-1650mm, and the width is in the range of 560-900mm. 

At the same time, we generally reserve 1200-1400mm space for sitting people or filing cabinets on the front desk. 

If it is for more people, then need to according to the actual situation.

The size of this company reception counter design is about 2000mm. We can make the size depending on your need.



The material of the company front desk we can use MDF with baking paint. And for the design of the front side, is a marble stone finish and with wooden strip decoration. On the stainless steel toe kick, we install the white color led strip light then it let the counter look better.


It includes all the accessories, the same lock with key, handles, stainless steel toe kick, led strip light and so on. The countertop we can make MDF with baking paint or man-made stone is both okay. We can make it according to your budget.


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