C Style Front Desk VR Shop Reception Counter for Sale


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C Style Front Desk VR Shop Reception Counter for Sale

reception counter

The reception counter is very important for a retail shop and office building. Mainly used to receive visitors and provide them with guidance. The reception area gives people a first impression, so it’s important to make customize the reception desk for business. Today, I want to share a wonderful reception counter with you. It’s used at a VR shop in the USA.

Description of the reception counter

This reception counter looks like the letter “C” and the arc length is 3m. It allows 2 people to work together. This reception desk has a working table, storage cabinet, open shelving, and drawers. We can also make the cabinet based on your needs.

front deskFront counter effect

We can see the reception counter front decorate in blue color and 2 metal lines indeed it into 3 parts. The middle has a large brand name with orange background. There is a light lamp under the countertop and kicking, which helps people find you well.

Back effect

The countertop and back are in orange color, it is the high glossy effect that looks very outstanding. The reception counter has two different levels of the countertop, the higher top for clients, and the lower counter is for employees to work. This design can protect employees’ work to be private. There are drawers in the middle. Two sides have a working area with leg space and storage cabinets, beautiful and functional. We also add sockets for computer and printer.

Produce photos show

We can see the reception desk looks from the product photos. In fact, we will update the process with video and photos. So the owner will know how the reception desk is being built. It’s important to make a 3D design before production, you can arrange space well in advance.

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