Fashion style MDF with baking paint hotel reception desk

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Fashion style MDF with baking paint hotel reception desk

If you are searching for the reception counter for the hotel? I think you can find many good designs on our website. A good reception desk is really important for a hotel. Not only for the hotel but also a company, a hospital or a lobby.

And we can give you some tips on how to make a fantastic reception counter design. Here let us share with you a fashion style hotel reception desk design, hope you like it.



For the design of a hotel reception desk design, mainly color and modeling two aspects. Choose what color, according to the hotel logo and hotel decoration style decision. The reception desk modeling needs to match the hotel type positioning.  

As a customer must go to the place, the front desk decoration materials, workmanship must be delicate. 

Generally speaking, wooden materials give people a warm and comfortable feeling of thickness.

Metal material gives a bright and modern sense of fashion. But no matter which material, must choose durable, not easy to fade the product.  





In a general way, the front desk in the entrance, directly opposite the door and other obvious position, not only as a highlight of the hotel, but customer checkout consultation is also very convenient.


The design of the front desk should consider the uniform height of the front desk staff. So that customers will not see the service staff after coming in or the service staff is too abrupt in the front desk position. You can make it according to your need.



Our company can make a customize hotel reception counter design for you.

We will make a new 3D model and with the size, style and color you want.

On the 3D customized design, you can check the effect of the hotel reception desk.

If you want to change something, we can do it for you. A customized 3d reception desk design charges a 300$ design deposit.




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