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Looking for Jewelry Display Cabinets? UNIQUE will be your best place to go. Good quality display cabinet with affordable cost that you can never find again.


[Requirements for Jewelry Display Cabinet Production]

  1. Material selection: wood, acrylic, glass, stainless steel, MDF medium-fibre board, PLYWOOD large core board. Generally using medium-fiber board paint or external veneers such as solid wood ornament panel or silver mirror.
  2. Lighting selection: LED jewelry special lamps, ordinary pillar spotlight, color for the cold light source, warm light according to color temperature standards.
  3. Cover: The Display cabinet from proofing to cutting to cutting to opening to painting, packaging and first-class process work cabinet are orderly ended. Selection of high-grade environmental protection paint, smooth feel, uniform color, good gloss, paint effect can be as bright as a mirror, bright and matte can be optional, according to customer requirements.
  4. Internal structure: Hardware fittings and wood structure are perfectly integrated. The circuit wiring inside the Display cabinet will be used for a long time according to the acceptance requirements of the shopping mall and the safety of the cabinet body.

[Production process]

A. Drawing of Customer Design Scheme

Shenzhen UNIQUE Display Cabinet Free Design Consulting Services, to achieve a letter of intent entrusted to design, two to pay for the cost of design drawings, three by Shenzhen Fanlu Display Cabinet: Design Department to provide design solutions – customer drawings confirm collusion to confirm the Display cabinet quotation sheet construction production.

B. Customers have drawings of design schemes – to confirm the Display cabinet quotation list (product name, specifications, units, quantity, unit price, detailed quotation sheet of material construction technology for construction production).

C. The quotation form and contract confirmed by both parties will be prepared and scheduled by Shenzhen Fanlu Display Cabinet Business Department according to the contract agreement, and 30% 50% of the customers will be received.

After the production deposit enters into the production of raw materials, our company strictly in accordance with the material and process requirements agreed by both sides.

Additional information

Weight50 kg
Dimensions1200 × 600 × 1000 mm

Standard size or customized as requirement


MDF + Stainless steel + Tempered glass






Ready Building shipping with all the lights and doors installed.


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