How to make a wonderful ice cream store design?

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Hot summer arrived, the upsurge of ice cream is popular, this is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs, open ice cream shops have great potential for development, so how to open an ice cream shop?

Preliminary preparatory stage


You need to make a market research in the local market. Research content includes: local people like to eat what kind of ice cream. How many ice cream shop in local market probably. Is it already very saturated, and so on.


You need to choose the right target customer. That is to say, your ice cream shop is mainly aimed at what kind of person, is a student or a middle-aged and young, is to do the finished product brand bags of ice cream, or buy materials processing of ice cream by hand, or is comprehensive, this will depend on your situation. Personal advice do ice cream by hand. 


We should choose a good form. Before the opening of the ice cream shop, you should choose the form of your shop, whether it is personal investment or cooperation with friends, whether it is to join the brand store, or private brand, these should be based on your actual situation. For those who are just starting a business, it is recommended to choose cooperative investment, in the form of private brands.


The study of ice cream production technology. After you buy back the ice cream equipment, must master the use of these equipment, must be skilled to use in practice is not panic.


To choose the address. The ice cream shop’s location is very important, it has a great deal to do with the business of the store. When selecting the site, we should analyze the customer flow of the store and the consumption level of the surrounding people. Only with a large customer flow can we bring more consumption.

According to the consumption level, we can judge whether they are your target consumer group. Generally speaking, there is a lot of traffic at the terminals of the stations, as well as commercial areas, such as shopping malls/hypermarkets/commercial pedestrian streets. Food and beverage areas, such as flavor food street. Entertainment areas, such as amusement parks/large entertainment plazas/tourist resorts, are places with high traffic, making it a good choice to set up shop in these places. such as for students, to choose the school nearby, if it is in view of the young and middle-aged, choose or walking in the street near the office building, area doorway as alternative.


To do good formalities. Prepare for these, you will take your relevant certificates, to do you want to open a shop in the area of market supervision and management departments to deal with relevant documents, now to handle certificate is more convenient, will soon be able to batch of down.


Decorate the stores. Ice cream shop decoration is very important, must be good looking for an experienced designer, should use the youth lively, casual style of freedom, had better choose light color, increase the cartoon, film and television and so on elements, let a person into the store, feel very relaxed.


Purchasing raw materials. When purchasing, you can choose to the local market to purchase, and also, you can purchase on the Internet, no matter where you need to purchase raw materials from the normal manufacturer, in order to prevent food safety incidents.

Ice cream shop decoration

The decoration is a very important matter in the process of opening a shop, which is directly related to the customer flow of the shop. If you want to open a successful ice cream shop, you need business skills. Therefore, investors try to learn some business skills when opening a shop, so that the operation will not be so difficult. So, what do we need to pay attention to in shop decoration?

Create a casual fashion atmosphere

Ice cream shop as a popular restaurant, its customers are mostly young people. Therefore, the ice cream shop decoration must be fashionable, to have their own design style. Glass counters can be supplemented to display desserts, and fashionable and interesting patterns can be drawn on the walls, such as hand painting, comics, etc., to increase the casual and fashionable atmosphere of the ice cream shop. You need to inspect the store itself and its surroundings, look at the direction of the flow of people, the color and style of the surrounding stores, and then design according to these specific elements and standards.

Choose a bright color

The choice of bright colors in the decoration of the ice cream shop makes it easier to attract customers’ attention and make more potential customers come into the shop. Second, the guests of the ice cream shop are mostly young people, students, or middle-aged and elderly people with a lively state of mind. The dark color is not suitable for the warm and happy trend of ice cream. So when the ice cream shop is decorated, pay attention to the use of bright colors, with a vibrant and not dazzling feeling for the best.

Table, chair and product display

Tables and chairs can be added to the store. When the ice cream shop is decorated, if the size of the store allows, a place can be planned to place tables and chairs for guests to sit down and taste ice cream. The choice of tables and chairs can be made of candy colored foam, cloth and other materials, or transparent glass materials, to the ice cream shop decoration overall style is appropriate.

In addition to table and chair placement, a good display can perfectly show the advantages of products, so that consumers have the impulse to buy. The display is divided into theme display, promotion display, new product display, etc. In order to attract consumers and generate good sales, different displays should be carried out at different times.

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