Bread and ice cream have always been one of people’s favorite foods, and they are very popular as snack food. On weekends, we often go to this kind of snack food store to pass the time by ourselves or talk with friends. Generally, the decoration of this kind of store is also very beautiful. Today I want to introduce an ice cream store.

Ice Cream Shop Design

This store is designed for our customers from Nigeria. It sent us the plan of its store, and we designed the store according to its requirements, equipment, and store plan. It mainly sells ice cream and bread. We all know that for a store, the bar is essential. The main force can put our cash register and some cake display cabinets. Customers can order and choose their favorite food here. In addition to the bar counter, we also designed another bread display cabinet, which is a self-service cabinet, customers can choose the bread they want and check out at the bar counter.

After designing the main furniture, the next step is to consider the issue of tables and chairs. An ice cream shop is actually similar to a milk tea shop or most other restaurants. We will design two types of chairs. One is a sofa chair against the wall, and the other is an ordinary chair. The number of tables and chairs needs to be determined according to the size of the store.

Because the customer has requirements for the color of the storefront wall, we also design some tables and chairs that match the storefront color when designing tables and chairs.

The style of this shop is quiet and elegant. If you want it to look high-end, we can ask the workers to do it according to your requirements when decorating and buying ceiling lights.

Bakery Furniture Customization

After we finish the design, we can see the layout of the entire store and the shapes, colors, and effects of various furniture. It can be very convenient for us to confirm all the details. So, after confirming the final design. We will get a specific quotation. We will list each item of furniture or decoration and mark the size. After the customer pays the deposit, we can start production. All of our furniture is custom-made purely by hand. We will strictly follow the shape and color of the design drawings to construct. You can get the same product as the design drawing.

We can also provide paintings of tables, chairs, sofas, and lightboxes inside, including logos at the entrance of the store.

Packaging & Transportation

We are an export company, we can ship the goods to where you are. Since we are going overseas, our products are all wooden boxes and are transported in containers. Therefore, our packaging requirements are very strict. After packaging the product itself, we will put it in a wooden box. The inner side of the wooden box is a foam board, so our product is very safe.

Our mode of transportation is sea transportation. We can ship to your nearest port or to the door. The prices of the two are not the same, you can choose the one that is more convenient for you.
You need to clear the customs and pick up the goods yourself when you ship to the port, and we will clear the customs for you and ship it to your designated address. Both of these will incur costs at the port, and this is the responsibility of the customer.


Shop Design Fee:400-800USD. It depends on the shop area.

Design Time: 2-4 working days

Furniture Production Time: ABout 28 working days


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