New Invention Ice Cream Shop Furniture White Frozen Yogurt Counter

Ice cream is a very hot sweet food in the world. It brings us delicious taste after dinner. Especially in Summer, it brings us cool feeling in hot weather. It is a good time to open an ice cream shop to earn money. Ice cream shop furniture is necessary, as it includes a service counter, display area, working table, and brand logo, etc. We should also set tables and chairs for sit down.

Unique ice cream shop decoration

ice cream shop

This ice cream shop design is fit for entrepreneurs. Because the shop is small and needs few counters and tables. And the ice cream shop decoration is simple but looks lovely and creative.

Color Decoration

The main color is white color with combined golden frame decoration. Looks very high end and luxury.

Material introduction

Main material: MDF

Surface material: Baking paint

Kicking: Stainless steel

Other materials: Lightbox painting, ceiling light, menu, leather cushion, etc.

Frozen yogurt shop furniture introduction

ice cream shop furniture

Service Counter

The service counter is where clients order ice cream and pay money. It is set at the entrance, so customers can purchase and order directly when come the shop. We set a close door the come in the service counter, which is very convenient to use.

The center of the counter has a space for ice cream display machine, where people can choose different flavors of ice creams. POS system is inside room, which is good for people to decide which ice creams to order while waiting in line. Back wall has brand logo, display shelf and menu with price list.

Back side is working counters, we can put milkshake, coffee machines, and refridgetor here. Water sink also set here for convenient usage.

ice cream stand

Seating area

The ice cream shop has table with sofa and chairs in front of the glass window. So clients can sit down and chat with friends when eat ice creams. Another wall has bar counter with tables. They are in off white color with golden metal base, highly matches the shop theme and service counter decoration.

Wall Decoration

We put wood decoration on the wall, it looks like a map with white and yellow color. This wall can be used as a message wall. Customers can write their thoughts and what they want to say on post-it notes and post them here. It is very popular among people and I am sure you can gain a lot of fans buy this way.

ice cream boothHow to order this ice cream shop?

As for a new business, everyone wants a unique shop decoration. So clients can find the shop at the first sight and leave deep impression. Usually, we have to make a professional design to determine the counter layout and size.

When confirm the design, we can know how many counters involved. We can also know the materials to use to build the furniture and how much cost to buy the ice cream shop furniture. And finally, we can pay half deposit and confirm the order.

If you have no idea about shop design, please kindly send us inquiry. Our professional designer will help you make wonderful designs.

Produce information

Workers produce the ice cream shop furniture according to the confirmed design. So we can finally receive the same counters as you want. And we will even see how the furniture being made step by step from the produce photos.

What filed needed before produce?

As it is a customized furniture, everything is according to special ideas. So the shop owner has to prepare brand logo file, poster file, machines size in advance. So the workers can make logo directly, print posters and leave space for machines in advance.

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