Ice cream store design

To the left of the ice cream store door is the cash register, with a multi-layer display shelf against the wall. To the right of the entrance is a seating area for two where customers can sample food. Next to the cash register is our workbench and bar. The countertops of the workbench and bar are make of artificial stone, which is beautiful and beautiful. Under the work table are cabinets and drawers with large storage space. Above the workbench there is a row of cabinets where you can place seasonings, etc. The left side of the workbench is a refrigerator, which can be used for drinks.

Customers can enjoy their food at the L-shaped bar, and waiters can easily hand it to customers. Multiple refrigerators or cupboards can be place under the bar. In this design, the sink is placed under the bar. We can also redesign it and put it on the workbench. On the ceiling above the bar, several atmosphere lamps are placed. When our products are place on the bar, the soft light shines on the food, which is particularly delicious. There is a door at the end of this space, and this space can be use as a toilet or storage room, depending on the layout of the client’s shop. And in this ice cream store design, it also cleverly designed a space under the stairs. In this store design, we can arrange some posters and menus on the wall to facilitate customers to order food.


Work counters, cash registers and bars can be make of MDF and painted to create artificial stone countertops. We can also insert a ring of lights under the bar, which will create a warm atmosphere. In addition, stainless steel sink, sink resistant to dirty, will not be difficult to clean.  We put our 3d lighted logo at the door of the store to attract passers-by to come in and taste it. If you are interesting in this ice cream store design, pls feel free contact us, thanks.

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