Fantastic ice cream store design lovely food shop counter

Ice cream is a popular food among young people and usually in the summer is the most popular. So we suggest opening an ice cream food restaurant in the summer is a good idea to earn the money. How to start an ice cream shop is the main problem for most people who want to start an ice cream business.

At Unique Furniture Ltd. you can get some suggestions from us about the ice cream shop design and business idea. In this article, we will introduce a fantastic ice cream store design and lovely food shop counter design to you.



There is a small cashier counter near the entrance door. For the design of this ice cream shop counter, it is a pink color and blue color, pink color drop shape with the led strip light. This ice cream food counter matches the whole ice cream shop design well. On the back of this cashier counter has a wall with a popsicle shape and a lighted logo.



This ice cream shop includes a work counter for the staff to make the food. On the top of the countertop can put the equipment machine. You can send us the equipment list in advance. When our designer makes the 3d ice cream shop design, we can put the equipment machine on it and arrange the space for them.

Another area is the seating area of the ice cream store. The seating area is the white table with a pink bar chair. At the end of the ice cream shop has a small ice cream food cart.

This is really a lovely ice cream shop design shared with you! If you want to start an ice cream store, please feel free to contact us at

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