Ice cream shop counter candy color yogurt store decoration

Ice cream is a very delicious casual dessert made mainly of milk, butter, sugar and various fruits. It is silky, sweet and cool. Also, it is suitable for the summer to eat. Every summer ice cream sales market can always set off a consumption boom

Because the ice cream business is very profitable, and the investment cost is relatively low. That is why many entrepreneurs have initiated the idea of running an ice cream dessert shop. So how much does it cost to open an ice cream shop?  How to make a fantastic ice cream store design?



I love the color of this ice cream shop very much. The storefront of the ice cream store has a big lighted logo and lighted ice cream shape. Meanwhile, we need to notice that the storefront sign of the ice cream shop is an important part. It has to be attractive to let the customer know your brand and what you sell.

I think blue is a very cool color for summer. The wall of this ice cream shop is sky blue color and a little pink color and yellow color. The ceiling and the flooring of the ice cream store are white color.

A very important part of this ice cream shop is the food counter. The surface finish of this ice cream shop counter is some of the varicolored wooden strips. The countertop has many toppings for different tastes of the ice cream. Under the countertop has some cooling machines for the ice cream.



Our company can make the ice cream store counter to fit your business. The material we will use MDF as the basic material and solid wood strip for the varicolored wooden strips. White color man-made stone for the countertop and with the 8mm tempered glass cover.


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