Cute style ice cream shop counter attractive gelato store design

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s requirements for a dining environment are becoming higher and higher. Now many people choose ice cream shops, do not necessarily like the crowded place. But prefer the kind of less people, a quiet and relaxed environment.

So, if you choose to open an ice cream shop in a location with low traffic. Don’t be discouraged, as long as you decorate the ice cream shop a little chic. The store design has a little personality, create a comfortable, quiet, relaxed atmosphere and mood, and people will stop. Let us see this cute style ice cream shop counter attractive gelato store design now. 



The designer uses several candy colors for this ice cream store design. It has a big ice cream food counter for the staff to make the food. The front side has the display fridge for the ice cream. It shows different flavors of ice cream so that the customer can choose their favorite. The material of the ice cream counter is stainless steel countertop and plywood with laminate.



For all the stores we should start with a customized 3d design. Please check and send us the size or the floor plan of your ice cream shop. We will make it according to your shop size and fit your business. Usually, an ice cream shop should include a work counter and dining area, and maybe you can make a feature wall for the customer to take photos.

For a customized ice cream shop 3d design will charge a design deposit of 500-1000USD. The exact design fee depends on your shop size, if a bigger size will charge more design deposit. The revision service is for free.

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