Pink color ice cream store most popular lovely gelato shop design

The hot summer is coming, a lick of ice cream is something many people want to do, especially those who love dessert. So the ice cream market is huge. Investment to open an ice cream shop, and store decoration is also very important, store decoration will attract more people to come to consume. How to decorate an ice cream shop attractively? Here we look at a pink color ice cream store most popular lovely gelato shop design.



When decorating the ice cream shop, attention should also be paid to creating a romantic and warm feeling for people. So that they are in a loving environment for lovers or girlfriends. Ice cream shops mostly take warm colors as the keynote. The tables and chairs should be appropriate to meet the local characteristics, leisure ways, people’s living habits and so on.

This is a very lovely and romantic ice cream store design to share with you. If you are looking for some ideas for the ice cream shop decoration, you can check this one for reference. I love it very much!

The whole ice cream shop uses pink color as the main color theme. It has an ice cream counter for the customer to order and for the staff to make the ice cream. Other than that, this ice cream store has a dining area for the customer to sit and relax. The wall has the ice cream shape with blue color which is very attractive.

Our design team can make a customized ice cream store design to fit your need. Please welcome to contact us to discuss the layout and we can share more ice cream store ideas with you. Please feel free to contact us at email

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