Colorful ice cream shop furniture frozen yogurt food counter design

Ice cream is one of the favorite desserts in the summer. So many people start the ice cream business when summer comes. If you are planning to open an ice cream business, you can ask us for help on how to start it.

We can share with you some ideas for the ice cream store design. Meanwhile, you can check some new style ice cream shop designs on our website and choose what you want. Let us see a colorful ice cream shop furniture frozen yogurt food counter design now.



This is a small ice cream shop size about 30 square meters. It has an ice cream food counter on the ice cream shop. This ice cream work counter has a display fridge and a cash register. The design of this ice cream food counter is lovely with pink color and white color.

On the back side of the ice cream food counter is the space for the roll ice cream machines. And next to the roll ice cream machines have a small area for a counter. It can put a small single sink and put some cups here.

On the wall has a chocolate shape wall display shelf and some posters. Other areas of this ice cream store are the seating area. The style of the ice cream shop seating area is quite special and lovely. A whole ice cream shop gives people a romantic atmosphere.




Our design team can make a customized ice cream shop for you including the interior decoration, food counter design and seating area design. Before we make the design, if you have the equipment list you can send it to us. We will arrange the layout for you.


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