Ice cream stores are very popular in summer, and they come in a variety of flavors and are popular with the masses. The interior of the ice cream shop is cute and the environment is generally very bright, and the main colors are light tones. The most common ones are pink, yellow, light blue, etc. In addition to the bar, tables, and chairs, the decoration of the ice cream shop is also very important. Today I will introduce you to this ice cream shop.

Ice Cream Shop

The size of this ice cream is relatively small, and the innermost corner is the bar and work table. On the wall are some wall shelves, which can put some of our tools or seasonings.

Due to the small size of the store, we can only set up a single-sided seating area. They can put it against the wall, which saves a lot of space.

In addition to all the furniture, the decoration inside the store occupies a large part. Because it is the key to the attractiveness of our store. There are many popular online celebrity check-in shops now, which is a very beautiful decorated shop, and many people also take pictures in it.

This can attract a lot of people’s attention. From the picture below, we can also see the decoration of this store, with flowers and plants, curved seats, and logos. A mirror and ice cream mockup was also set up to accentuate our theme even more.

If we bought a new store and wanted to decorate it very nicely. Then it is very necessary to de design. Design can design walls, counters, tables, and chairs, as well as wall decoration. The design can be modified, after confirming the final design, we can arrange all the decoration and furniture according to the content of the design. We can paint the walls according to the design and buy custom furniture, so we can get a very professional shop that meets our requirements.

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