Ice Cream Interior Design Cute Ice Cream Shop Ideas

When summer comes and more people are buying ice cream, do you think it’s a good idea to open an ice cream shop, and even worry about not knowing where to start? Don’t hesitate, after reading this article you will know something about opening an ice cream shop.



To start a store, first, you need to decide on the right theme, which means you need your own brand logo. A logo can distinguish your customers from many other ice cream shops and can also help you expand your brand, so you need a designer to design a unique logo for you. In addition to designing logos, the store design is also a very important part.

Interior design

The store design includes not only the counters, cashiers, tables and chairs in the store but also the entire decoration and color matching. A special store design can impress customers, then your customer base is guaranteed. For example, in this store we designed, in order to match the color of the logo, the whole store uses bright and lively colors. Ice cream production and cashier areas are in the store. In order to highlight the key points and decorate the store, a ceiling structure and retro chandeliers are also designed on the top, which is very harmonious as a whole.


In addition to focusing on the design and layout of the store furniture, the overall decoration is very important. Combining your logo and product features, we designed some ice cream product patterns to decorate the wall. As well as some industrial-style lamps. Even the floor is specially made of hexagonal tiles, and the color matching makes your shop look so nice.

Build furniture

At the same time as the design is complete, you have completed more than half of the process of opening a store. Next, you need to find furniture decoration materials that can customize the entire store for you according to your design. And we are a furniture factory that can provide both design and production for you. Anything we can do for you please let me know.

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